I fell in love at the age of 33. It wasn’t with another person, it was with myself.

For years I struggled with poor body image, low self-esteem, and self-doubt. I tried to change myself through dieting, new clothes, new hair styles, self-help books, but none of these made a difference. Shocker, right?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a magic answer that made my problems disappear. I didn’t have one life changing “AHA!” moment that made everything better. However, I did have a series of smaller “aha!” moments that changed the way I viewed the world and perceived myself. I discovered the #bodypositive movement and a network of beautiful, strong women. I reflected on what I really wanted from myself and from life. I learned to change my mindset a little bit at a time.

Yoga was a huge part of learning to love myself. Yoga has given me opportunities to connect with my body in a way that is respectful and honouring, teaching me too be thankful for what my body is rather than being resentful for what it isn’t.

I want to bring that gift to others, and I hope that I can share it with you.